Setting the standard for cold pressed ... again

Commercial Cold-Press X-1 Mini Fruit and Vegetables
Second Generation Juicing

Our new Herbivore Grinder™ and Adaptive Pressing System™ work together in perfect harmony to provide the world's greatest juice.

Four Reasons to Love the X-1 Mini

Goodnature X-1 Mini Commercial Juicer

Exceptional Juice Quality

Compare Goodnature cold-pressed juice to other juicing methods like centrifugal and the difference is clear—it's more colorful, more delicious, and stays fresh longer.

Ultimate Versatility

Herbivore Grinder™ technology makes it possible to extract nutrient-rich juice from more fruits and vegetables than ever before, including everything from leafy greens to almonds.

Impressive Yield

Extract 30%-100% more juice from some ingredients when compared to centrifugal or auger juicers, reducing waste and saving your business real money.

Low Labor Costs

Minimal prep work, simple operation, and easy cleaning means your employees can be more productive and make more juice per labor hour.

Maximum Juice Per Dollar

Maximum Juice Per Dollar™

With higher yield and lower labor costs, you get more juice per every dollar that you invest into your business.

Herbivore Grinder

Herbivore Grinder™

Our new patent pending grinder loves kale just as much as it loves apples, ginger, and even almonds, making it the most versatile grinder ever created.

Wholefruit Hopper

Wholefruit Hopper™

With a 4.3 inch wide mouth, there's no need to cut or peel most fruit and vegetables. Easily feed Herbivore™ whole bunches of kale and whole apples.

Adaptive Pressing System

Adaptive Pressing System™

The X-1 Mini intelligently adjusts its pressure and speed, giving the perfect pressure at the perfect time. Don't worry about pulling levers or twisting knobs, simple one-button operation.

Fresh Filter Press Bags

FreshFilter Press Bags™

Compostable, biodegradable press bags made from renewable resources. Single use bags cut down on labor time and help protect your customers from foodborne illness.

Pressafe Interlocks

PresSafe Interlocks™

Grinder and press are fully enclosed while operating. This helps protect the juice from contamination and the operator from injury.

Luxurious Design
Elegant Design

We partnered with Christopher Flechtner, designer of world-famous Slayer espresso machines to bring the market something not only functional, but beautiful.

Continuous Duty
Continuous Duty

Finally a juicer that works as hard as you do. The X-1 Mini can be operated continuously without overheating or needing a break.

Self Clearing
Self Clearing

Both the grinder and the press are designed to leave minimal residue behind. No need to rinse between most recipes.

Compact and Portable
Compact and Portable

Weighing less than 170 lbs and running on regular 115v electricity (US models), the X-1 Mini can be used in everything from food trucks to farmer's markets.

Whisper Quiet
Whisper Quiet

The X-1 Mini is powered by air, not hydraulics, making it lighter, quieter, and safer than a hydraulic press.

Easy Cleaning
Easy Cleaning

Disassemble the machine in seconds without the use of tools. Parts in the food zone are easily lifted out, making deep cleaning a snap.

Produce Up To

40-60 Bottles

Per Hour (12 oz Serving)
Produce Up To

45-65 Ounces

Per Batch (1.3 - 1.5 Liters)

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